Welcome to the Land of Heroic Living

My JOURNEY INTO NEW TERRITORY can be something I choose, something that presents itself, or something that is forced upon me by my life experience.

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(1)  Discovering and Honoring Your Life Passion:  
The key to enjoying your life.   Your life passion is what you most enjoy about being alive. 
(2) Welcoming the Help of  Your Monsters:  Your monsters are ‘anything’ that bothers you or interferes with your life.
(3) Sharing Your Vision With Others: The key to changing the behavior of other people. Your vision is your personal ‘look ahead’ to the difference that your ‘life passion’ can make in the world.  
(4) Making Your Contribution to Others: Making your contribution is the ‘act of sharing’ your unique gifts with others.

A HEROIC MINDSET is a “willingness to journey into new territory”and face your personal challenges in ways that benefit everyone – yourself, others, and the world!”

Peter M Skaife – Founder of Heroic Living

An pioneer in exploring new pathways in the field of personal mythology, Peter Skaife developed powerful tools that are useful for the individual who wants to “follow their passion” by fully exploring the uniqueness of (a) who they are are and (b) how they fit into the world.

During a lifetime of research, Skaife conducted experiments in the field of personal mythology with a focus on the uniqueness of the individual. This research has resulted in powerful tools that individuals can use for: (1) Following their Passion (2) Facing their Challenges (3) Developing their Vision and (4) Creating their Legacy.